Business Development

Glenville Business Assistance Loan Program

The Glenville Local Development Corporation has capitalized a Business Assistance Loan Program that makes direct loans to businesses in order to facilitate economic development within the Town of Glenville.

The Glenville Local Development Corporation Loan guidelines and application form are available below:

Economic Development Survey Results

An assessment of Glenville resident’s goals for future business development has been performed.  More than 300 residents, about 5% of the voters in the last election, completed a short survey conducted by the Glenville Local Development Corporation (GLDC) between July and October, 2013.

The survey provided a perspective on the types of services residents want, as well as the desired focus for housing and business services in future development.  Four general areas of interest were addressed by the survey: 1) Services 2) Housing Development, 3) Business Development, and 4) Business Service usage:

  • The greatest desire in all age groups for a local business clearly focused on Restaurants(primarily for dinner, and to a lesser amount breakfast or lunch). The desire for retail sales of clothing (especially women’s clothing) and gifts followed restaurants. Businesses in lower demand were Arts related, farming, and manufacturing.
  • Expansion of Recreational services and Youth Services were desired by about 2/3 of the respondents.  Community Services, Health services, and Transportation were of interest to 1/3 or more of the residents.
  • Single Family Housing & Senior Housing was preferred by more than 90% of residents, while multi-family dwellings (Apartments & Duplex) and Developments were discouraged by nearly ½ of residents.
  • Small Businesses related to active lifestyles (Riverfront developments, Recreational businesses, and Entertainment venues) were strongly supported, while residents were skeptical of increasing industrial development.

Detailed Summary of the Survey Results;  Detailed survey results in both text and/or graphical format are available on request.