GLDC Policies and Procedures

Anti Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Complaint Procedure
(Original, 2013)

Bylaws (Rev. 3, August 2016)

Compensation Reimbursement and Attendance (Original, December 2015)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Original, December 2015)

Direct Financial Assistance, Guidelines for (Original, July 2013)

Ethics Code (Original, July 2013)Expense Voucher (Rev. 1, March 2016)

Form 990 Review Process (Original, March 2016)

Investment and Deposit Policy (Original, December 2015)

Process Description Loan Application Original (Original, October 2016)

Procurement Policy (Rev. 1, March 2016)

Property Disposition Policy (Original, December 2015)

Real Property Acquisition Policy (Original, December 2015)

Sexual Harassment Policy (Original, November 2013)

Travel Expense Policy (Original, January 2015)

Whistleblower Policy (Original, November 2013)



Program Reports

Glenville Local Development Corporation 2017 summary 11-21 Edit

Town Board 11-30-16 report, rev.11-29

2016 Evaluation of Board Performance

2016 operations report-Dec 2016

GLDC 2016 Review of Mission Statement

GLDC 2016 Internal Control Assessment

GLDC 2015 Review of Mission Statement

GLDC 2015 Internal Control Assessment

Annual Report-2015 GLDC Final .

2015 Agenda

2015 Annual Report

2015 Measurement Report


Audited Financial Statements

GLDC Financial Statements (12/31/16)

GLDC Financial Statements (12/31/15)

GLDC Auditors Communication Letter (12/31/15)


Budget Reports

GLDC Four-Year Forecast 2017

GLDC Budget 2016-2019

GLDC Financials Year Ending 12.31.2013

2015 Operating Budget

GLDC Budget 2014

Additional Reports & Assessments

GLDC Governance Report 2014

Glenville Local Development Corporation Board Evaluation